NFA purchasing made easy

We are happy to bring a Silencer Shop kiosk to the Siouxland area. This make for a one stop shop purchase on any NFA item!

With the new Silencer Shop kiosk we are able to access a inventory of hundreds of NFA items and instantly get serial numbers and start Form 4 transfers. The kiosk makes the process of submitting a Form 4 seem like a paperless easy transfer. This gives us the ability to do fingerprints and passport photos, along with that Silencer Shop handles submitting the hard copy of the form. You digitally sign and are finished.

If the process of going through the Form 4 is one of the reasons that you haven’t started your paperwork yet swing by and take a look at this kiosk and get you paperwork started today.

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Steve lagge
Steve lagge
1 year ago

Does this include sbr


Veteran Owned & Operated
  • Price match guarantee on the advertised price of local competitors in-stock firearms.
  • Largest selection of firearms in the Sioux City area!
  • We also carry a wide variety of ammo, parts, accessories, targets, and cleaning supplies for all your shooting needs.


And NFA Tax Stamps
  • Ask about our layaway program tailored to your needs.
  • All firearms transfers are only $20 per firearm, and $200 per NFA item!

About Us

Owners Brad and Chase Cejka opened American Brothers in Arms shortly after returning home from Afghanistan where they were deployed with the 113th Cavalry of the 34th Infantry Division Iowa National Guard. Both brothers were stationed together at a Joint Combat Operations Post and often talked about starting a business when they returned home. They even had the opportunity to perform combat missions together.

Our mission now is to bring a large selection and great customer service to the Siouxland area. We are constantly trying to add new inventory and different choices for our customers. Firearms are our passion, we enjoy learning all we can about each item in our store and sharing that information with anyone that is willing to listen.

We strive to provide a comfortable environment for every level of firearms enthusiast. Whether you are looking to purchase your first firearm or you are looking for that unique item you don’t have yet. We are more than willing to help you pick something that we have in store or to special order something from the warehouse.

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